Creators of the QAI Reactor Matrix™ a Physical Reality Simulator

SUPRACHEM's intelligent QAI Reactor Matrix™ is a novel first principles "physical reality simulator" that models complex matter of any size or complexity for diverse applications in the physical sciences. Its subatomic resolution enables design of molecular systems where subtle supramolecular non-bonded interactions are leveraged to enable precise control of molecular structure and function. This leads to design of smart molecules enabled to make decisions that modulate chemical activity in the presence of both inter and intra molecular species and ionic particles.

If the physical matter challenge is experimentally defined QAI Reactor Matrix™ can model it.


“During our [year and a half] relationship, they [Suprachem] have developed new algorithms and tools that allow for direct visualization of the sub-atomic interactions that makes their tools so unique. The use of these visualizations have allowed us to have meaningful conversations about the results and to see the important features and relationships between the molecules. These specific visualizations are unique [to Suprachem], and provide a view of the intermolecular interactions that is not available with other tools.” -- DUPONT



"If the physical matter challenge is experimentally defined

QAI Reactor Matrix™ can model it. "



Creators of the QAI Reactor Matrix™ the first physical reality simulator!






See what the experts in the field have to say about our approach.

SUPRACHEM Reference: Dr. Stuart Kauffman

MacArthur Fellow, FRSC


"RE: Larry Wood & SUPRACHEM


Stuart Kauffman, MacArthur Fellow, FRSC

Emeritus University of Pennsylvania

Distinguished Finnish Professor

Tampere University of Technology

Distinguished Visiting Professor

University of Vermont


Aug 6, 2011


I am pleased to write on behalf of my old friend, Larry Wood. I have known Larry since 1993, when he was a stunning young scientist at GTE, having won awards for innovative research. I have followed Larry’s work at a distance over the years. At present, I am modestly familiar with a number of aspects of quantum mechanics as a biologist, and have recently filed a US Utility Patent in this area, owned by the two universities where I am a faculty member. This background allows me a modest capacity to evaluate Larry’s iHEXIS article about his super-Turing system and its use in quantum chemistry beyond the Born - Oppenheimer approximation to deal with the many body problem in quantum chemistry. As long ago as Poincare’ and the three body gravitational problem, Poincare’ showed that due to what is now known as sensitivity to initial conditions, the behavior of the classical physics system was deterministic, but not predictable due to the fact that any measurement requires finite length and time interval. If I understand Larry’s work, the use of an approximation on a manifold where either phase or amplitude varies slowly, allowing one to surpass the standard Born - Oppenheimer approximation of nuclei fixed in space, is a very important step forward. I cannot judge whether Larry’s approach is, in fact, successful, although he does present confirming evidence that must be taken seriously. Thus, I feel right making these points about Larry Wood. He is brilliant, radically creative, and deeply worth serious consideration by those with the real expertise to evaluate his work. Suprachem’s approach seems to be a major step forward in quantum chemistry and other applications, and warrants serious attention.



Stuart Kauffman"


"Reference for Larry Wood and SUPRACHEM

Sidney Pestka, M.D. Founder, Chairman and CSO, Pestka Biomedical Laboratories, Inc.

Author of 400+ papers and holder of 270 patents

2001 National Medal of Technology presented by President George W. Bush

2004 Warren Alpert Foundation Scientific Prize from Harvard Medical School

2006 Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award

2009 Molecular Biology Medal from the National Institutes of Health for his role in deciphering the genetic code and the mechanism of protein synthesis

2010 Edward J. II Outstanding Medical Research Scientist Award for Basic Biomedical Research


Aug 19, 2011


I have known Larry since 2005 when he and his wife and partner Lisa visited me in my lab at PBL Therapeutics. I have since remained genuinely interested in Larry’s technology and research. In 2007 we collaborated in the co-discovery of a novel large molecule structure determination method based upon Larry’s calculation of an efficient infrared spectrum quantum mechanical vibration linear calculation and my observation that this might be coupled to my experimental work in infrared and raman spectroscopy to rapidly determine the structure of large molecules and possibly membrane based protein drug targets with femtometer resolution. This new Optical Structure Determination (OSD) method could revolutionize structure determination if it is successful. In 2006 Larry participated in one of our NIH funded initiatives whereby he applied the novel OSD methodology and Suprachem technology in a first step to analyze the structure of the twenty-one amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. We also collaborated in laboratory experiments to assess the predictive capabilities of Larry’s femotjoule quantum chemistry technology to understand the in vitro qualities of the C60 molecule for use as a possible human Erythropoietin drug scaffold. I will continue to enjoy working with Larry and following his resulting accomplishments.



Sidney Pestka, M.D."



In 1995, Larry and Lisa Wood began what is now a two decade-long journey together to develop science and technology to address critical intractable challenges in biotechnology, artificial intelligence and beyond. Larry's decade long career as a cold war scientist had come to a close, and Lisa, an independent corporate custom publisher with a top big business magazine, had decided to fund the venture and spend available time working with Larry. The two traversed to hell and back more than a few times, enjoying abundant doses of adventure in between, involving their two children, a number of dogs, Lisa’s Mom, a small group of advisors/investors, and now, through LSR, another entity of the Woods’, a remarkable philanthropist who played a valuable role in cultivating the Silicon Valley landscape over the past two decades.


Larry's career centered on solving computationally intractable challenges through the development of novel asymmetric technologies. Since the early 1990s he has developed quantum chemistry algorithms that avoid the intractable many body problem yet retain the accuracy of fully correlated calculations. This algorithmic research lead to development of what Wood refers to as Energy Mechanics, enabling quantum chemistry precision without exponential computational limitations. Energy Mechanics, which fundamentally re-defines quantum theory in the context of force carrier, as opposed to matter constituent, interactions provides for high precision quantum chemistry predictions. This was first applied and refined to the design of novel small molecules for pharmaceutical and agrochemical purposes.






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